Green Jello cancelled, R.A.N.T. announced!

Bad news and good news.

On one hand, the Green Jello show (September 12) is cancelled. Sorry to everyone who was looking forward to it.

However, coming fresh off the heels of the Deutschtown Music Festival is another incredible melting pot of performers: R.A.N.T. – Rock All Night Tour! Lawrenceville will be buzzing with 90+ bands on August 15, including yours truly!


Green Jello!

For the third consecutive year, on the exact weekend as the other two, we will be performing with Bill Manspeaker and the GREEN JELLO PUNK ROCK PUPPET SHOW! Many thanks to Tony Malandro from Post Traumatik (also performing) and Ken Arthurs from Wolfies for making this our little yearly tradition and pulling off this event for the low door cover of $4.00! Save the date: Saturday, September 12!


Extra Life Marathon! 24 Hrs of Gaming on!

We’re gearing up for the Extra Life gaming marathon! It starts tonight at MIDNIGHT, and our broadcast can be found over at!

Raising money for the kids who need it at UPMC Children’s Hospital! WE HOPE YOU JOIN US AND DONATE! Even if its just FIVE BUCKS!

Event page! –

‘Devil in the White City’ Official Music Video Is LIVE!

Holy shit, gearheads! It's the 10th of August, and that means it's music video release time. Check out the amazing video that Holly Siders and the awesome cats from Screaming Butterfly Entertainment put together for us. It was an absolute privilege to work with them, and you can be sure we'll do it again. Without further ado, the official musc video for Devil in the White City! Watch it, like it, share it! Help us to spread the word!

The Existential Gentlemen: Charleston W.V. Music Video Premiere Show!

Here it is! The Charleston premiere of Screaming Butterfly Entertainment's latest music video, "Devil In The White City" from The Existential Gentlemen! Come out and party with Holly, the cast and crew, The Existential Gentlemen, The Black Cross Brotherhood, and In Hills We Thrive! Cover: $5.00 Show: 10:00 PM 21+

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I'm totally guilty of doing this as a kid...
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Grandiloquent Word of the Day: Schmutzwortsuche (shmootz-VOHRT-zoo-che) Verb: -Looking up rude words in the dictionary. From German "schmutz" - smudge or dirty + "wort" - word + "suche" - search. Used in a sentence: "We spent most of our library time engaged in schmutzwortsuche, giggling and passing notes." Schmutzwortsuche is that thing ALL kids eventually do around 8 or 9 years old. Back in MY day, it involved lugging out that Brobdingnagian tome, Webster's Unabridged Dictionary. These days it's Google, and I shudder to think of what they see when their innocent little fingers type a query seeking the definition of some choice imprecation overheard surreptitiously after bed time. The poor dears may be scarred for life! Maybe you'd better do your part to save someone a lifetime of therapy by sending them to Grandiloquent Word of the Day, where things are much less traumatic!

Our music video for Devil In The White City just won an award! Best Music Video at Lake Charles Film Festival! HOW 'BOUT THEM APPLES!

Huge congratulations to Holly and the entire crew at Screaming Butterfly Entertainment! Y'all are incredible! Amazing! Ridonculously awesome!

If you haven't seen the video... grab a bag of snozzberries, kick back, and follow the link!
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Rest in peace, Vincent Sparacino. We were looking forward to working with you and would have loved to have you on stage with us.

Keep on smiling, good sir. You always were a bundle of joy.
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@caseyworthingart - The Existential Gentlemen custom typography & illustration.
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