Extra Life Marathon! 24 Hrs of Gaming on!

We’re gearing up for the Extra Life gaming marathon! It starts tonight at MIDNIGHT, and our broadcast can be found over at!

Raising money for the kids who need it at UPMC Children’s Hospital! WE HOPE YOU JOIN US AND DONATE! Even if its just FIVE BUCKS!

Event page! –

‘Devil in the White City’ Official Music Video Is LIVE! Holy shit, gearheads! It’s the 10th of August, and that means it’s music video release time. Check out the amazing video that Holly Siders and the awesome cats from Screaming Butterfly Entertainment put together for us. It was an absolute privilege to work with them, and you can be sure we’ll do it again. Without further ado, the official musc video for Devil in the White City! Watch it, like it, share it! Help us to spread the word!

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